Family Law Services

Flat Rates

One of the biggest stressors in a Family Law case, whether a divorce or paternity matter, is how expensive legal representation is. And it’s not just how much – it’s not knowing how much it will be. Traditionally, these types of matters have been billed by the hour. At Pamela Fero Law, we are different. We will let you know – up front – how much you will have to pay for each phase of the case. You do not pay us for our time – you pay us for our experience. You also do not have to pay us the entire fee at the beginning. You will have a chance to make payments for each phase of the case as it moves along. This will enable you to budget for this expense.

Family and Marital Law

There is no doubt that when some marriages reach the point where one or both parties want to end the marriage, things can get emotional, stressful, and sometimes, downright ugly.  When parties argue over the distribution of assets just for the sake of arguing, the truth of the matter is that oftentimes the parties end up with almost nothing.  Why? Because the assets have been liquidated to pay the lawyers.

It does not have to be that way. Our firm promotes a kinder and gentler divorce, whether you are proceeding with an uncontested divorce, simplified divorce, or Collaborative divorce. Especially when children are involved, this approach often leads to more desirable outcomes.

Collaborative Family Law

The Collaborative process empowers you to resolve your legal disputes without judges making the decisions for you. A combination of specially trained Collaborative lawyers and neutral professionals – usually in the mental health and financial fields – support and guide you in reaching equitable and lasting agreements. This is done in a calm and cooperative environment which will help reduce the conflict and minimize the impact on you, your children, your family, and your life. The Collaborative process can be used for both divorce and paternity cases and is often the best choice for a good outcome where children are involved.

Litigated (Contested) Divorce

When a couple cannot come to an agreement on one or more issues pertaining to their divorce, they must let the judge make the decision. While it is often better for couples to be able to come to an agreement, either through the Collaborative process or through mediation, sometimes it just is not possible. At these times, you need an attorney to represent you in trial so that your case is presented in a way that will get you the best outcome possible for your situation. At Pamela Fero Law, we understand how important your legal case is and will work tirelessly for you.

Uncontested Divorce

Some couples are in complete agreement as to the terms of their divorce or can come to an agreement fairly quickly in the process. However, even when they agree, the legal process can be confusing and exhausting. Having an attorney will allow you to rest easy that the legal process is being followed and your case will be concluded correctly. Why spend hours filling out legal documents and worry if you have done it properly? At Pamela Fero Law, we know that you have better things you can do with your time. We will draft and file all your documents so that all you need to do is show up for your final hearing.

Simplified Dissolution of Marriage

In a marriage where there are essentially no assets and no children born of the marriage, a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage is likely the best path to take. There are a number of benefits to a Simplified Divorce such as waiving the filing of financial affidavits and scheduling a final hearing before a Judge without having to wait a minimum of 20 days. There are requirements to be able to file a Simplified Divorce. After consulting with you, we can help you decide if, in fact, this is the appropriate path to take.


Many unmarried fathers are shocked at how few rights they have to their children, even when their name is on the birth certificate. Even though your paternity may be established by putting your name on the birth certificate, if you and the mother split up you are not automatically entitled to any time sharing with your child. However, you will still be obligated to pay child support – especially if the mother or child receives any services from the state (such as food stamps). Additionally, the other parent can also seek retroactive child support for two years before the date of the petition. At Pamela Fero Law, we understand that both parents should be allowed to see their children and we have successfully concluded paternity cases both at mediation and at trial.

Family Mediation

Mediation is a part of nearly every family law case. Cases with any unresolved issues are almost always sent to mediation by the judge. Alternatively, some couples seek mediation prior to filing a petition with the court. At Pamela Fero Law, you will have a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator who will assist you and the other party reach an equitable agreement that both of you can live with. Mediation can be used for divorce, paternity, or post-judgment matters.