Flat Fees vs. Hourly Billing

A divorce can be one of the most distressing events in a person’s life. One day you are a family and the next day you are contacting a divorce lawyer. It is not what anyone plans for when they say, “I do”.

Adding to the stress of things happening in your relationship are all the things that need to be done to get divorced. The legal process is complex and requires many documents to be filed and hearings to be attended.

The last thing you need to hear when you walk into your attorney’s office is “we need another retainer from you to keep working on your case”.  After all, you may now have limited funds available because half of your family’s income is gone.

Traditionally, family law attorneys bill by charging a retainer and then billing hourly against it. For clients, this means that they are getting charged for things they do not even realize are happening (like calls to opposing counsel). This often leads to surprisingly large bills.

This might cause you to believe that you are better off doing it by yourself. But a divorce is not something you want to handle on your own.

Fortunately, our firm is different.

We believe that it helps clients to relieve some of their stress to know what they are going to have to pay and when they will have to pay it.  Therefore, we bill flat fees for each phase of the case.  Issues that arise which are not covered by the flat fee will be discussed with the client.  

With each fee, you will know that what you are paying for will be accomplished. So, for example, if we are in the mandatory discovery phase, the price will be the same whether we must contact opposing counsel twice or twenty times.

With no incentive to draw out the process, you can rest assured that we are using the most efficient methods to manage your case. However, we will always represent our clients zealously and do whatever is needed to represent you competently. The flat fee is a cap on what you pay – not the number of hours we spend doing what needs to be done.

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