What to Do When You Decide to Get Divorced

So, things in your marriage are not going so well, and maybe have not been for a while. You have come to the realization that it is time to get divorced. Where do you start?

If you plan to use an attorney (and I highly recommend that you do, for so many reasons!), the first thing you should do is make an appointment for a consultation. You can do this with one or more attorneys. Some attorneys will offer free consultations during which you will find out very little. Other attorneys will charge a fee, but that money is likely to be some of the best that you spend during this journey!

While you are working through finding the attorney who feels like the best fit for you, you should take a few minutes to get things organized and start making plans for the future. This will help you go through the process with fewer hiccups and it will get you on your way to the next phase of your life.

The two biggest areas to consider in a divorce are the children (if there are any) and the finances. The finances are somewhat easier to deal with as there are fewer emotions involved.

We have developed an initial to-do checklist that will help you get started on things that will help you deal with some of the unexpected things that can happen during a divorce. Feel free to download it and use it while you are making a decision on who you want to represent you. By the way, doing (6) may help save you some attorney fees!

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