Our firm understands the emotional issues and stress associated with divorce and paternity matters. Both areas can challenge or change your family’s emotional and financial stability.  This understanding comes not only from handling these types of cases, but from having first-hand experience of some of the issues that are facing families as they go through life.

Our goal is to help you alleviate some of that stress. We also offer services, such as Collaborative divorce/paternity and mediation, which lead to a less stressful proceeding and a more agreeable outcome.

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We are here to serve you and give you peace of mind

We provide legal advice and counseling to clients who come to us facing some of life’s most difficult challenges. We listen to our clients and work toward their goals, not ours. Listening to our clients in this way helps us to not only provide legal advice, but to help them through the legal processes.  We translate the decisions that they make based on our advice into actions that will obtain the best possible outcome.

Pamela Fero Law, PLLC is here to serve all of your family needs. We practice in the area of Marital and Family Law.  Whatever your family’s needs are, Pamela Fero and her team are here to serve you and give you peace of mind. 

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